Form validation

Basic examples of styling.


Use bootstrap-select to create compact controls with improved look and function over standard list selection options such as dropdown, radios, or checkboxes. See more examples and options on the developer.snapappointments.com/bootstrap-select website.

Simple select list

select one

Advanced bootstrap-select list

select multiple, type to search, see option icons and styles


Use flatpickr to take control of date and time inputs. Handle dates, times, or both dates and times. Choose between an AM/PM or a 24 hour picker. Format the strings presented and submitted as desired. See more examples and options on the flatpickr.js.org website.

Simple date and time inputs

Rocket launch
any date Feb 24 - Aug 22
any time 9AM to 6PM

Important: Browser support is inconsistent. Check caniuse.com for each related input type: date, time, datetime-local, month, and week.

Advanced flatpickr datetime input

10AM to 4PM weekdays


Use DataTables to add paging to tables, add column sorting to tables, make tables searchable, and much more. With JavaScript large datasets can be paged, searched, and filtered on the server with single pages lazy loaded as needed. See more examples and options on the datatables.net website.

Simple static table

Name Company City Incidents Updated
Ellison, Dale C. Donec Feugiat Metus Corp. Trujillo 31 2019-08-03
Potter, Dorothy P. Amet Ltd Orangeville 21 2019-01-05
Avery, Raphael L. Aliquam Adipiscing Associates Waver 24 2019-04-15
Edwards, Ian D. Est Nunc Associates Gembloux 34 2020-11-04
Wagner, Lawrence C. Phasellus PC Idar-Oberstei 39 2020-08-24

(showing only five rows)

Advanced DataTables table

Name Company City Incidents Updated
Ellison, Dale C. Donec Feugiat Metus Corp. Trujillo 31 2019-08-03
Potter, Dorothy P. Amet Ltd Orangeville 21 2019-01-05
Avery, Raphael L. Aliquam Adipiscing Associates Waver 24 2019-04-15
Edwards, Ian D. Est Nunc Associates Gembloux 34 2020-11-04
Wagner, Lawrence C. Phasellus PC Idar-Oberstei 39 2020-08-24
Kramer, Brenna W. Eleifend Non Dapibus Industries Vorst 25 2019-03-24
Walker, Bo H. Lobortis Corporation Montgomery 27 2019-07-18
Logan, Seth R. Cursus Vestibulum Company Ham-sur-Heure-Nalinnes 27 2019-04-01
Hart, Lacey V. Nisi Industries Alexandra 21 2018-12-06
Oneill, Judith B. Ipsum Consulting Nueva Imperial 36 2018-02-07
Sweeney, Lacota I. Sed Eu Eros LLP Chittoor 30 2020-05-15
Mcguire, Jamal H. Donec PC Vergemoli 37 2019-03-29
Coffey, Judah J. Ante Limited Sooke 22 2020-04-01
Gray, Nigel Y. Luctus Limited Wansin 28 2018-10-07
Wiggins, Jerry J. Magna A Neque Institute Saint-Pierre 23 2020-10-20
Cline, Daquan S. Mattis Industries Cerchio 30 2018-09-07
Gallagher, Kyle B. Quisque Consulting Baardegem 29 2020-11-08
Bolton, Chaim V. Odio Consulting Caucaia 46 2019-02-02
Marshall, Jackson Y. Mollis Integer LLP Fort Providence 28 2020-02-22
Klein, Ruth K. Cursus PC Koninksem 20 2020-08-16
Curtis, Rajah N. Non Ltd Canning 29 2018-12-31
Stewart, Rajah C. Ultrices A Auctor Corporation Luino 20 2020-01-30
Walsh, Hamish E. Elit Nulla Facilisi Industries Pachuca 42 2020-08-22
Bennett, Kimberley I. Dignissim Maecenas Associates Herenthout 44 2020-09-16
Gamble, Keiko B. Pellentesque Company Girifalco 25 2020-01-10
Holden, Craig L. Vel Arcu Eu Limited Oelegem 47 2018-05-13
Vazquez, William I. Nunc PC Paju 29 2020-01-09
Conley, Basia R. Montes Nascetur Ridiculus LLC Berg 44 2018-06-27
Chan, Xaviera T. Mauris Industries Nashville 43 2018-05-11
Flowers, Florence Z. Sodales Nisi Corp. Gateshead 30 2019-04-12
Adkins, MacKenzie D. Dui Incorporated Fort Laird 36 2018-12-28
Rivas, Aspen T. Non Nisi Aenean Corporation Juiz de Fora 35 2019-05-18
Hess, Isaac W. Class Consulting Cannes 31 2018-12-05
Neal, Buckminster H. Malesuada Fringilla Est Industries Henderson 22 2019-05-05
Benson, Lacota Z. Augue Institute Colleretto Castelnuovo 42 2018-10-25
Johnson, Jonah T. Aenean Gravida Limited Rotello 31 2019-04-14
Wilkerson, Gareth V. Penatibus Incorporated Milazzo 48 2019-09-30
Lara, Todd N. A Mi Inc. Oliver 40 2019-01-26
Galloway, Ross Y. Convallis Company Devizes 35 2018-07-19
Huffman, Melvin Y. Elit Pharetra Associates Grimma 23 2019-04-16
Sherman, Nadine D. Sollicitudin Commodo Ipsum Foundation Verdun 42 2019-12-01
Drake, Tucker R. Ligula Aenean Euismod Inc. Stuttgart 36 2019-04-15
Wilcox, Yasir P. Vulputate Risus Industries Villeneuve-d'Ascq 45 2020-01-21
Burt, Nissim F. Cras Ltd Iqaluit 47 2020-05-09
Mason, Jesse M. Mi Ltd Hastings 48 2020-02-29
Solis, Demetrius P. Egestas Consulting Khyber Agency 20 2018-04-14
Chambers, Ori I. Varius Orci In Consulting Fort Saskatchewan 48 2019-03-02
Guzman, Hilel E. Sapien Cras Dolor Corp. Brussel X-Luchthaven Remailing 35 2019-04-28
Malone, Nasim G. Morbi Metus Vivamus Consulting Grand-Halleux 22 2020-04-07
Oneill, Kennedy V. Interdum Nunc PC Cambridge 37 2019-01-31
Burgess, Adele R. Id LLP Lidköping 46 2019-04-20
Russell, Caldwell M. Nec Tempus Limited Jauche 45 2019-11-25
Good, Hanna R. Neque Vitae Semper PC Arbroath 28 2019-09-26
Snyder, Quinn E. Donec Limited Rixensart 46 2020-11-21
Faulkner, Fay H. Natoque Corp. Gwangju 30 2018-12-16
Smith, Melissa O. Scelerisque Consulting Tula 32 2019-04-14
Carter, Reuben A. Faucibus Id Associates Ludvika 38 2020-02-07
Mclaughlin, Maisie N. Eu Tempor Erat Corp. Jerzu 24 2019-12-25
Barrera, Herrod D. Integer LLP Orciano Pisano 25 2018-11-18
Zamora, Martin X. Leo Elementum Corporation Veracruz 26 2020-01-09
Baker, Todd E. Ultricies Limited Yahyalı 30 2019-10-15
Baldwin, Darryl W. Ac Libero LLC Meer 35 2018-07-09
Skinner, Ulysses Y. Feugiat Tellus Foundation Chiguayante 45 2018-05-24
Cunningham, Uta G. Ac Consulting Timaukel 29 2019-05-02
Lindsay, Wallace W. Libero Lacus Inc. Port Harcourt 38 2018-03-01
Wheeler, Alana U. Lacus Quisque Purus LLP Kinrooi 47 2018-12-07
Leon, Rebecca B. Parturient Montes Limited Kampenhout 49 2019-03-14
Sparks, Chaney Z. Nibh Vulputate Corporation Río Bueno 37 2019-01-21
Wynn, Carly U. At Augue Id Incorporated Tiarno di Sopra 50 2018-10-23
Bonner, Barclay F. Vehicula Aliquet Corp. Arequipa 33 2018-04-07
Huff, Nichole E. Magna Malesuada Vel LLC Diego de Almagro 50 2018-05-18
Knox, Vera L. Felis Company Buren 47 2019-09-22
Montoya, Anne Z. Vitae Sodales Corp. Olathe 49 2019-06-05
Hardy, Burke Y. Parturient Montes Incorporated Xhoris 28 2019-02-28
Sharpe, Nita G. Fringilla Cursus Purus Consulting Solesino 32 2018-12-13
Shannon, Nathan J. Auctor Odio A Corp. Nobressart 20 2019-02-06
Fuller, Charlotte H. Quam Quis Diam Ltd Dir 48 2019-03-22
Key, Kylan C. Integer LLP Whitby 37 2019-12-27
Boone, Winifred D. Convallis In Institute Ekeren 29 2020-02-28
Barker, Taylor C. Augue Foundation La Pintana 28 2018-05-06
Simmons, Brooke G. Vulputate Institute Rollegem 34 2020-09-27
Chen, Sydney I. Magna Malesuada Vel Foundation Adria 43 2020-10-19
Wood, Fitzgerald C. Sed Institute Caldera 28 2020-06-13
Henderson, Dean R. Pede Ac Associates Morinville 49 2020-11-06
Pruitt, Victor O. Est PC Goderich 30 2020-01-27
Bradford, Ahmed T. Justo Faucibus Industries Neustadt am Rübenberge 40 2018-12-02
Spence, Jescie N. Aliquam Institute Brighton 30 2019-12-31
Pace, Tatum L. Aliquam Ltd Rosoux-Crenwick 48 2018-07-28
Dodson, Grady V. Cum Sociis Natoque Incorporated Bhavnagar 43 2019-01-17
Salinas, Devin Y. Auctor Limited Jodoigne-Souveraine 47 2019-05-21
Cook, Michael E. Malesuada Malesuada Integer PC Independence 30 2019-01-30
Moody, Moses H. In LLP Angoulême 21 2018-09-08
Caldwell, Beck K. Metus In Nec Institute Piscinas 48 2019-06-17

Font Awesome stacked icons

Normally stacked icons are displayed double sized, but with the inclusion of the stack-normal add-on css they appear normal sized. See the official documentation on the fontawesome.com website.

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